I brought Intel E6300 at discounted price last month. I meantion it on my last few post. It shiped from US to Malaysia within 1 week. It was fast. However, the other part that I ordered in Penang weren’t here yet after 1 month of ordering… Pity… I got motherboard and DVD-RW drive on thursday while display card and casing on Saturday. I go for Gecube X1950Pro 256MB instead of HIS X1950Pro IceQ3 Turbo due availablity issue. Hmm… Sad… I hate that my schedule is keep pushing out. I planned to setup this PC last week. Then, I can play Command & Conquer 3 already. However, I still far far away from it now. I got only less than 2 weeks time to play with this PC until my brother get it back. Therefore, I need to rush for it. No matter what!!! :P

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