I finally finished setup PC for my brother. This is a mid range computer specification. Below are the all the parts I get for him for around RM3500 RM3300.

  • CPU – Intel Core 2 Duo E6300
  • Motherboard – Gigabyte 965P-S3
  • Memory – 1GB Corsair ValueSelect PC667 DDR2
  • Monitor – LG L194WT LCD
  • Display card – Gecube Radeon X1950 Pro 256MB
  • HDD – Hitachi 160GB 8M 7200RPM
  • DVD-RW – LiteOn 18X DVD writer
  • Casing – Cooler Master Elite 330
  • PSU – Cooler Master eXtreme Power 550W
  • Keyboard – Logitech Clasic Keyboard

This is the first time that I face lot of problems and issues during setup PC in my whole life. I cut my finger. Cannot overclock it with FSB333. I locked memory multiplier at 2 == 667mhz so I do not overclock my memory. But still failed even increase CPU voltage to 1.375 and 1.400. I still cannot find out where goes wrong with the setting. He… He… I did not overclock PC since 8 years ago. (My last PC was P-II 350 CPU back then. I turned to use laptop since university. Therefore, I got no chance to play with it lately) I need more time to study what went wrong. Anyway, my brother do not want to overclock his PC. As long as it can run, he is fine. :)

Besides, I faced problem during software installation. During drivers and service patches installation, some how Internet Explorer title bar showed ‘Hacked by GodZilla’. I searched Google for it. Found out that it’s coming from flash drive or removable HDD. I wonder where it come from… (My removable HHD or my girl friend’s :P I always turn on antivirus software) This ‘GodZilla’ made me install at least 3 times windows installation.

Logitech keyboard cannot use. This is the first time I got a keyboard that cannot function after sales. Does Logitech have a good quality control? I wonder… Anyway, I will exchange it with a new one.

Cannot overclock Gecube Radeon X1950 Pro at all. Is this AMD overdrive driver issue or Gecube poor hardware issue? I need to study more. I wish I have more time to do so because my brother is going to take it around 2nd May.

After facing all these problems, I finished setup it finally. Everything run smoothly at factory default clock. Somebody might ask… Why take AMD X1950 Pro while Nvidia 8600 GTS is better with same price??? Well, I placed my order for Gigabyte 965G-DS3 (built-in GPU) 5 weeks ago and planned to add on Nvidia 8600 GTS later. However, my supplier cannot find it anyway in Penang. I got no choice but go for AMD. I don’t like Gecube but prefer HIS X1950Pro IceQ3 Turbo. Bad luck, my supplier also cannot get it for me. hmm… :(

Anyway, I am not going to use this PC for long. I am fine with it. My brother should be fine with it too. He is much ‘easy come easy go’ type of person in PC. Not for me, I must have all the specification that I want for my PC. Off to play my Canon EOS 400D lo… :)

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