Paramount Property (Utara) Sdn Bhd (PPUSB) is where I used to work before… It is a long story back then. It is my first job after come out from university. Working as Customer Relationship management (CRM) Executive. What is CRM? It must be something related to customer service, right? No. Not at all for my case. Huh? I was hired to manage the CRM software which used in that company. So I am called CRM Executive. Get that?

PPUSB uses CRM software built by IFCA. It was a rubbish (at least when I left still is a rubbish like ORT project in my company. ha… ha… :P ). I do not know why but I always given a rubbish project to handle. In PPUSB, I need to follow up with IFCA software programmer to fix all the bugs that left over after signed User Acceptance Testing (UAT). It was management issue back then. They should not sign the UAT in the first place. In the end, they have to hire me to chase IFCA programmer to fix those bugs else the software hardly can use. By the way, the CRM software was created with PowerBuilder 6 with SQL 7. It is a very old software which cost RM100,000++. Yes, it is RM100,000 for a junk. IFCA should come out a newer version which power by Microsoft.NET right now. Hopefully, it does not have those bugs around. :P

I am happy to work in PPUSB. Except that I need to ‘fight’ with IFCA programmer especially one aunt (or should I say big sister). And another one is only consultant who does all the CRM administration work. She also quit IFCA after I left PPUSB several weeks later because she also cannot stand with that programmer. Ha… Ha… Why I left? Got better opportunity lo. Another reason is that I do not like my manager don’t trust me.
This was a case that I fixed some database bugs which system cause joint buyer data after IFCA did some patches. I told that programmer but she just ignored me. Therefore, I took my initiative to fix it because IFCA will just delay to fix. Due to IFCA charges monthly support fee. They want to earn money ma… So delay lo… (IFCA stock price was around RM0.20 last 3 years and it is still RM0.20 right now. Poor company…) I fixed it actually by deleting all the none relevant data which created by the patches. But that aunt complained to my manager said that I corrupted that database. And my manager believed her. So I got nothing so say… Find a new job lo… And luckily I found the new job (my current job).

Paramount Property (Utara) Sdn Bhd builds a lot of good houses like Bandar Laguna Merbok by the way. My old house in Taman Patani Jaya was built by them too. Their services are good too. Just that aunt from IFCA is bad nia. Be sure to check on PPUSB houses when you want to buy house. You will not regret it, trust me. :)

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