Yeah… Finally, this is the day that I have waited for long long time. Intel stock is finally fight back. Intel stock close at $24.24 after gain $1.01 or 4.35% in one day. This is Intel 52-week new high.

Why? Analyst change Intel rating from neutral to buy. And with target price $28.00 from $22.00 in 12-month price target. Wow, that is around 30% increase in 1 year. You can find more information at here and here.

Actually, Intel stock price should be around $28-32 level. It dropped lately until $16-20 level due to less earning from CPU sales. However, all the situation changed after Intel launched Core 2 CPU. It is the most powerful CPU on earth for the moment.

Up Up Up… Let hope it will up more and more. :)

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