There was a new hypermarket opened in Sungai Petani – Giant. This is my first time there. It is bigger than Tesco at Sungai Petani. Hmm… I wonder how big is the Econsave Sungai Petani that pending to be opened. By the way, do not bother to go Giant as most of the product sold there are expensive which does not match their tag “Everyday Low Prices, Big Variety and Great Value.”. :P

Giant @ Sungai Petani

We found a coffee shop which look alike as Old Town Kopitiam. I wonder which shop is the original. Anyway, the coffee shop is called, Uncle John Kopitiam.

Uncle John Kopitiam @ Sungai Petani

The environment

All the food and drink are about the same as Old Town Kopitiam. Therefore, we ordered hot and cold Ipoh white coffee. And some bread of course.

Hot Ipoh while coffee

Ice Ipoh while coffee

Kaya butter Toast

Special egg toast

Yeah… Time to eat lo… The food and drink there are up to standard. Price should be fine if visit once a month. Anyway, be sure to test it out yourself at Giant, Sungai Petani. See which one is better when compare to Old Town Kopitiam. ;)

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