Yeah… I went to Jerejak Island again for my department’s team building last Monday. This was my second time there. We had a team building there too last 2 years. I am not sure why they like to organize at there. Well, it was compulsory so I had no choice but go. It took me around 1 and half hour to reach Jerejak Island Jetty due to heavy traffic jam after 4 cars accident. Luckily, I still able to make it on time.

Why they are so late?

Most of us which came from main land were late. I came from my home town, Sungai Petani while most of the colleagues came from office at Kulim. They faced the same problem as I did – traffic jam. After waiting for around half an hour, we were off to go.

Beautiful jetty

Jerejak Resort & Spa is not new to me. We had our lunch there before. Just this time, we had air conditioner during lunch time. Yeah… It was hot if no air conditioner in Penang. The food over there was the same as last time. Hmm… maybe a little bit better.

What I eat… So little only?

I did not manage to eat much although it was a buffet lunch. I did not eat too full because we had games to play later. Games… Games… Games… There always had games during team building. Anyway, team building is used to build up our team so that we are more ‘together’. It will be easier when we work I think.

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