Continued from Team building at Jerejak Island, Penang

Wow… I was full after taking lunch. We went to wonder around the Jerejak Resort & Spa. We went to the lobby. We saw the fancy car that used in Jerejak Resort & Spa only. By the way, there has a beautiful swimming pool too. Too bad that we were not here to swim. I cannot swim anyway so it is none of my business then. :P Oh, I saw one of my colleague using SLR camera same as mine. He used the kit lens. Hmm… I did not bring mine there because it was heavy and i did not want to burden me.

Jerejak Resort & Spa’s lobby

Who want to swim?

Car with no door

Timed… It was time to play our team building games. I did not like the games. We had three games in 8 groups if not mistaken. This was not the main part. Flying fox was… We went to play flying fox after these games.

Suspension bridge to flying fox

Look scary?

We needed to go pass the suspension bridge in order to play flying fox. That was my first time to cross suspension bridge like that. I was scare. I am afraid of high. Everyone passed the bridge even girls. So I needed to pass it too. Else I was too weak already. :P

Prepare to fly!!!

Yeah… Everyone was ready to fly. It look a little bit scary at first. But after I saw others flying down there. No more worry lo…

Going down…

Finally, it was my turn. Oh… I was excited due to the first time. First time always is the most exciting moment. You cannot forget it. Yeah… Here I jumped. It was exciting at the first jump. However, it was not so fun during the middle of the way. The slope was not steep enough. And it was too short. I could not scream at all. But some of the girls screamed like hell. :P


Yes… I am safe. :P

Mom, we chat later, I want to fly liao!!!

Finally… It was finished. Time to eat again lo. Eat… Eat… Eat… All I know is eat. Ha… Ha… Ha…

Yum… Yum…

After taking our tea break, it was time to go back.

Home… home… home…

What are they doing I wonder…

Jerejak Island is a nice place to visit. Make sure that you visit there only when you have free time to spend. :)

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