Continued from Cactus Valley at Cameron Highlands, Pahang

After visiting Cactus Valley, we went to Kok Lim Self Plucking Strawberry Farm at Cameron Highlands. We did not pluck strawberry ourselves before so we took the chance to do it this time. It cost us RM20 to go down there to pluck strawberry ourselves.

Strawberry that we plucked ourselves

It was fun to pluck strawberry ourselves. The road is very small. Just enough one person to go through. There were a lot of strawberry plants but less strawberry. Those which were red in colour I mean. We needed the gardener to help us to pluck else we had to take a very long time to finish it.

Strawberry farm

Actually, I did not like strawberry so much due to its sourness and it was expensive fruit. However, all of them looked fresh and sweet in the farm. Only some of them were not healthy or not big enough to eat. :P

Big red strawberry

Strawberry’s flower

Finally, we finished plucking strawberry after half an hour. It was a hard time after all but fun and happy. It was really hard to walk along the small path. However, we made it in the end. Of course with the gardener help.

Me and strawberry

Strawberry and dear


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