Continued from Langkasuka Beach Resort at Langkawi Island

This was my first time to ride a cable car. I did not ride any cable car even the one at Genting Highlands. It was a good experience for me. It is very tall and scary too if you are afraid of high. Langkawi Cable Car is located inside Oriental Village Langkawi. Too bad that we did not have time to spend in Oriental Village Langkawi. We just rite cable car only.

Oriental Village Langkawi

Beautiful scenery

Before we went up the hill with cable car, we managed to get some photo with our tour guide.

Dear alone

Is she cute?


Yeah!!! Time to ride cable car. Wow, there was a lot of people went up already. But the queue still long but moving fast luckily.

Can’t wait to go up up up!!!

Is it safe to ride? ;)

The feeling was great when riding the cable car. It was a little bit scare because you were hanging in the air. And it was high above. The wind was calm on that day else it would be dangerous because the cable car might fall down from the cable. I heard that someone die at Langkawi Cable Car from my friend. Not sure is true or not. No news at all (cover it out I think).

Dear, me and Chin Wei in cable car

Up Up and away…

The top station and the suspension bridge

CC, Chin Wei and me ;)

We walked to the suspension bridge after arrived at the top station. It was a 10 minutes walk. The bridge is tall and scary when walking on it. It will shake a bit when the wind blow. Arr…

C shape suspension bridge


The view from the suspension bridge is nice. You can see entire Oriental Village Langkawi from there. Or from the top station. He… He… I forgot already. :P Anyway, it is nice.

View from suspension bridge

Beautiful scenery

Going down was as scary as going up. However, it was a really good experience to ride a cable car. Make sure you try it when you travel to Langkawi Island. It is a must visit place. :)

Continued on Langkawi Island Hoping (Dayang Bunting – Eagle Feeding – Beras Basah)

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