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We continued our journey to Langkawi Island Hoping after riding cable car in the afternoon. The sky was not good then. It was raining. Luckily it was small to medium only. We still could go out to island hoping.

We went to Dayang Bunting Island as our first station. It is an island look like a pregnant woman. Don’t believe me? See the photo below for yourself.

Dayang Bunting Island

It had been a long time since my last ride on small fast boat. It was fun to ride a fast boat. You can feel that you are going to fly away if the boat hit some waves.

Dear at Dayang Bunting Island

Yeah!!! (Recovered photo…)

Finally, we reach Dayang Bunting Island. We needed to walk for 10 minutes to go into the island in order to reach its lake. Inside the island there is a lake. It is a beautiful lake.

Dear and me at Dayang Bunting Lake

You can ride solar boat here

Hi Hi… How are you?

Too bad that all the fishes are sleeping, else they can clean our feet already. :P

There is a place called miracle border at the end of the lake. Why it is called miracle border? It separates the sea and the lake. It is just a border. It is a 20 minutes walk there. It has a great view over there. Too bad that my dear deleted the photo by mistake. I cannot show the photo to you all over here. Below are what left behind…

Path to miracle border

Yeah!!! (Recovered photo…)

Sea view from the border :P

After Bayang Bunting Island, we went to feed the eagle. Too bad that it was evening already. Most of the eagles were full. Only few of them came to eat the food.

Fly… Fly… I like to fly…

Yeah! I got the food!!!

The last stop was Beras Basah Island. It is not a good beach to walk with bare foot. However, there are some games over there like parachute and banana boat. None of us swim during whole island hoping.

Beras Basah Beach

I am flying!!!

Too bad that their boat didn’t turn around :P

As I told, the sand was not mean for walk

So what we did over there? My dear and I did not play any games over there. Because we were angry with each other due to hotel and car rental issue. We still did not have hotel to stay and we were out to island hoping. Luckily, we managed to get one room at the end. The last room for us at Kuah Town.

Counting sand??? ;)

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