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Ha… Ha… I should post Dataran Lang first before Galeria Perdana. We went to Dataran Lang on the night before we went to Galeria Perdana. Anyway, here are Dataran Lang photo. Only few photo because we thought we can visit it again on the next morning. However, it was raining all day long. And we ran out of time…

Yeah!!! (Recovered photo…)

I didn’t take any photo for me. I do not like to take night photo if I do not have tripod with me. I cannot take a beautiful photo without it. Too blur… Else too harsh if flash is on.

Dear in front of the big big eagle

Dataran Lang

Night view from Dataran Lang

Dear took it with her PowerShot A700

Yeah… My night shot is still better than her. Of course la… I put my camera on something as support while she took it with her own bare hand. :P

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