Ha… Ha… This is my first time to post food photo with my 50mm f1.4. I have auto focusing problem during taking these shots. I am not sure why. Maybe I need to send my SLR and lens to Canon for checking…

Miu Miu? Who is she? Oh… I call my mother as Miu Miu. Her name does not have Miu at all. It is a long story how this name come along and I forgot already. So story end here. :P Anyway, I am going to praise my mom for her food in this post. I rush to home from office at 5.30pm sharp everyday in order to enjoy the meal prepared by her.

A special dish that she seldom make

Can you see what is it? :P

I started to eat these last few years only

One of my favorites, yum… yum…

I can eat this only with no other dishes.

Everyone, here is my mom. My beloved mom. :)

My Miu Miu ;)

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