Food… Food… Food… We Chinese like to eat. You can see a lot of Chinese eating all the time in any where in your neighborhood. Ha… Ha… No wonder got so many fat fat uncle and aunt. :P There is a famous place in Penang that you can enjoy your wonderful meal there – Gurney Drive, Penang.

Gurney Drive, Penang

There are a lot of people over there. Almost anytime. People will drop by there after shopping at Gurney Plaza. Or some will go there to eat purposely. Or go view the sea along Gurney Drive. Just make sure that you keep your eye sharp for parking place. Else you will go round and round for parking only. Yeah… :P

Eat after shopping at Gurney Plaza

No place to park your car??

There are a lot of variety food and drink over there. I can say that Penang Chinese are the among most known like to eat among the whole Malaysia. Hmm… Maybe not… Every Chinese la… Below are the food that we took on the day we visit Gurney Drive.

Famous Char Kuay Tiew

My drink la


Famous Penang Laksa

Yeah… Be sure to visit Gurney Drive for the delicious food over there. :)

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