Hi everyone, I am back. It had been so long since my last post. More than 2 weeks. Well, only Darren missed me. :P He asked me why no post lately on his comment. Thanks Darren, I will keep update it.

I am king of complain. Don’t know why… I do like to complain. Ha… Ha… Ha… There are a lot of company that did not perform well. I am dealing with several company such as Citibank, HSBC, Canon and Advertlets currently. Some of them did response me well but some of them didn’t. Overall, I can said that their service is slow. I still can accept slowness since we are Malaysian. We are all slow slow people. :P However, I cannot accept no response after several enquiries. Pity on that company…

I will update all of them when I got latest update. Actually, complain or bad feedback will help us to improve. I like to hear feedback from others. Good or bad… It sure will help me to improve myself more. :)

Complain == Improvement

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