Hmm… I am disappointed. Seem like bad things always happen to me lately. :P Just like yesterday, I discovered that Quantum PX502 cannot work with Cisco Catalyst 3560. Why? Quantum PX502 come along with SDLT 600 drive. Both of them are fibre channel. However, Cisco Catalyst 3560 is an Ethernet switches but have 4 SFP (fibre) ports. I cannot link both of them although they by using fiber cable?

WHY??? After troubleshooting with Quantum support engineer many times, he made a conclusion that I need a fibre channel switches in order to use Quantum PX502. That will cause me another quarter to close this tape library project. This project had been dragged for too long. And I need to close it fast.

However, I did learn things from it. I googled some sites for fibre channel switches and its topology. Yeah… I learned something lo… :)

Anyway, you can find some info about them at Quantum PX502 and Cisco Catalyst 3560.

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