Yeah… My mother got her watch finally. In addition, HSBC gave her an umbrella too in unexpectedly. However, these 2 gifts did not come easily. I had following up several times as I mention on King of complain is backed!!! post. Overall, I am glad with HSBC service during the follow up. :)

A gift – watch from HSBC

My mother got these gifts after she applied HSBC Supplementary Credit Card under my account. HSBC always gives gift when customer applies any credit card including sup card (at least for all cases I know :P ). We have 3 selections like watch, umbrella and 3,000 HSBC points to choose. My mother chose watch. However, it took quite some time and the gift was not received yet. Therefore, I made an enquiry to HSBC. HSBC said that they would send the umbrella to mother soon. Huh? Not watch meh? After dealing several times through online, HSBC discovered that was a mistake and would send a watch to my mother.

However, the watch did not reach my house safely. It was lost in Pos Laju’s hand. No one knew where it was. The record showed the last place the watch located was in Sungai Petani Pos Laju Office. Ha… Ha… Someone from Pos Laju must have taken it I think. :P

Finally, HSBC sent another watch to my mother again. And this time it reached my hand safely. After a week, HSBC sent another gift – umbrella to my mother. It was a surprise. We did not expect that at all. Thanks HSBC for everything. :)

An unexpected gift – umbrella from HSBC

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