Canon Digital Photo Professional is software exclusively for editing and converting RAW images shot by EOS Digital cameras. I like Canon development team. They add wonderful enhancement on version 3.2 release. I like lens aberration correction function. That is the main reason I updated Digital Photo Professional.

Changes for Digital Photo Professional 3.2
1. Added support for EOS 40D and EOS-1Ds Mark III.
2. Added Lens aberration correction function (for correcting peripheral illumination, distortion, chromatic aberration, and color blur).
3. Highlight/shadow warning function has been added. Can now check for blown highlight and shadowing on the screen.
4. High speed (moiré reduction off) has been added to the High Quality display mode for RAW images.
5. Retain sort order function in the main window has been added.
6. 100% has been added to the enlargement ratio that appears on the Quick Check window. (Previously 50% only)

Get Digital Photo Professional at Canon website.

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