Ha… Ha… Ha… I laugh until I could not stop when I saw this article about boycott Maybank flyer. I received this flyer at my house yesterday. Boycott Maybank!!! What did Maybank do until NUBE ask everyone to boycott Maybank?

Boycott Maybank!!!

Do you have an account in Maybank? If yes, you can also support this campaign. Ha… Ha… Ha…

Maybank did not give me a good impression. Why? I went to Maybank for 3 times just to open a saving account. They asked for a lot of photocopy documents just to open an account. Do you photocopy your driving license when you want to open a saving account? What if I do not have a driving license? I cannot apply saving account then? :P Besides, I need to pay for another RM12 for another ATM card after I paid for the first one on the first day I got the card. Why? The first ATM password was wrong and I could not enter my account. I asked them to reset password and they charged me for RM8 and needed 2 weeks process time. :( By the way, I would not apply Maybank account in the first place if my previous company did not require it. There are a lot of banks that provide better service out there. Why do you need Maybank? I wonder…

Are you Maybank2u online user? If yes, you must remember that Maybank requested us to pay RM12 annual fee for that online account. Thanks to everyone’s help. Maybank did not charge Maybank2u users in the end. Else I was the first one to cancel my account. :P Maybank has a lot of charges. Most banks do not have those charges. Why Maybank needs those charges? Maybank cannot survive without charge those services? Maybank still make a lot of profit without charges us for using its online Maybank2u… But Maybank will sure earn more by charging it. :P

Will you help NUBE?

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