Nuffnang server down for emergency maintenance!!! Life in IT world is not easy. We had Advertlets failed to renew domain issue last month. And we have Nuffnang server down this time. Luckily, we still can enter our own website.


Did you get this email from Timothy?

Nuffnang Server Down For Emergency Maintenance

Dear Nuffnangers,At about 12.00PM today on the 19th of February 2008, the hard disk for one of our servers crashed resulting in server downtime and some loss of data.
The good news is that our team has taken necessary precautions for uncertainties like this and have backed up whatever data we had.
We are in the midst of restoring our servers and getting them up and running again so please bear with us for these few hours where our site will be down.It’s hard to place an exact timeline on when everything will be back to normal again but if everything goes as planned, everything should be up and running by 6.00PM today.

Until then, your blog will load just fine as normal but with all the Nuffnang ad units minimized or hidden.

Should you have any problems, please drop one of our colleagues an e-mail at:
Michelle :

We apologize for the inconvenience caused and we thank you for your kind understanding.

Best Regards,
Timothy Tiah
Executive Director
Nuffnang Sdn Bhd

Nuffnang server hard drives crash. I think they did not implement RAID 6 which I mention previous post at their server. Else they will not face this kind of problem. As it is hard to have both hard drive crashes at the same time. Unless they did not change the faulty hard drive for some time and another hard drive crash again… Then how? Nuffnang server down as a result.

It is 9pm++ and Nuffnang servers are not back online yet. Did they do proper daily backup? I wonder… Hopefully, my earning is still there after they restore back the data… :P

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