Do you know what is Alexa? Hmm… It is ok to not knowing it. I don’t know it too last time. Basically, it is a website traffic tracking tool by Amazon. It will keep track all the website in the world. And show the traffic performance then. However, the data at Alexa does not reflex the actual traffic on the website. It keep track website surfed by those users with Alexa Toolbar installed at their browser. There are still more tuning needed to be done by Amazon. :P

alexa_01.jpg Alexa traffic rank

Anyway… manages to claim up fast these past 2 months. How does can manage to get up so fast? Hmm… I don’t have the exact answer. However, I did some tasks during these 2 months. First task – I created 3 sub websites – Pretty Girl, Make Money and Forum at All the traffic from these websites actually contributes to the main domain – itself. Second task – I installed Alexa Toolbar at Firefox. This will definitely help to improve your traffic rank. And I can see other website traffic rank by using that toolbar. So must keep it there.

alexa_02.jpg traffic details

Hopefully, can pass 100,000 levels very soon. And keep on top 100,000 then. By the way, you can see traffic rank at Alexa too. And install Alexa Toolbar and surf So that will be ranked higher and higher. :D

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