Bowling… Bowling… Bowling… When is the last time since I play? Hmm… I cannot remember it already. Anyway, I am not a high scorer on bowling. And I will sure wash the ‘longkang’ sometime too. HeHe… I had the chance to play bowling again after having delicious durian at Bao Sheng Durian Farm, Penang. EA/DSS group colleagues and I went to Sunshine Square, Penang to play bowling as part of the team building. :D

Topbowl Snooker at Sunshine Square, Penang


Lovely Sherlyn

We were divided into 2 groups. Hai… My group will surely lose because of me. I got around 60-70 points each games usually. HoHo… The lucky lady was with me that day. I managed to get more than 100 points for both of the games. Yeah… Our group won in the end. And I am the top scorer in my group lo. :P


Top male scorer – Rama

Top female scorer – Ping Ping

Huh? RM10 voucher only?

Intel EA/DSS group

Hmm… My new department team building will be coming – treasure hunt at Queensbaymall, Penang again. Again? I just had the same team building event with my old department on Q2. Same event… Same place… Can I skip this one? :P

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