PayPal limited account access. Did you face this issue with your PayPal account? I did not face PayPal limited account access in Malaysia yet. Hopefully, I will not face it in the future. However, I discovered that some of the users faced PayPal limited account access issue. Therefore, I gather some information to solve this PayPal limited account access issue. Hope this will help…

What does it mean if my PayPal account access is limited?
Based on PayPal website, PayPal limiting account access is a measure that PayPal take to protect you and make PayPal more secure for all users. When your PayPal account access is limited, you cannot use sensitive account features until certain steps are completed. The following activities cannot be performed if your PayPal account access is limited – cannot accept incoming funds, cannot send funds, unable to close and terminate account and has limited view to reports.

So what is PayPal limited account access solution?
To solve PayPal limited account access, you have to prove to PayPal that your PayPal account is actually owned by you. For example, PayPal tracks every transaction on our PayPal account. The bank that we use to transfer our PayPal money out, or the source that our money come in. PayPal will need some prove from us. Therefore, PayPal might need our details like personal identity card (IC, driving license, passport), bank account statement, or even some utility bills. There is no worry about this and that. Just make sure that we have the correct and accurate data for PayPal. The money in our PayPal account will be still safe. :D

Hopefully, this guide will help some of you. As I said, I did not face PayPal limited account access before. Not facing the actual problem will be hard for me to guide those are facing it now. :P

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