I have been a Touch ‘n Go user for quite a long time. However, I do not have a SmartTAG since then. However, I just brought a Touch ‘n Go SmartTAG recently. Why? This is part of my department effort – “Move KM” which everyone can have one free. I can claim the purchasing fee from my department. :)

Touch ‘n Go ~ SmartTAG

I did some researches about the Touch ‘n Go SmartTAG price before I brought it. The official price at Touch ‘n Go website is RM100. However, some of my friend got it at RM90 + minimum Touch ‘n Go reload value RM50. Else you need to buy a new RM100 Touch ‘n Go card with it. For my case, I got it at RM100 for the Touch ‘n Go SmartTAG unit only. No need purchasing a new Touch ‘n Go card or reload Touch ‘n Go value. But it is RM100 as stated in Touch ‘n Go website. :P

Touch ‘n Go SmartTAG in action

Where should I place the Touch ‘n Go SmartTAG unit? This is the first question come into my mind. It should be placed at the center bottom of the windscreen. But that placement was already taken by my Garmin NuVi 200W GPS. So where should I put Touch ‘n Go SmartTAG unit then? :?

Finally, I put Touch ‘n Go SmartTAG slightly left beside my Garmin Nuvi 200W GPS. They both will be good friend when I travel. :)

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