Yeah, after finish setup my new dream computer system. What did I do? Play games of course. The new computer system is meant for extreme gaming. I have not play PC games for quite some times. Can you guess? My previous desktop is Pentium II based computer system. You almost can’t do anything with that system except doing some office work and surf Internet. And in very slow speed. I always ask myself on how I survive without gaming all these years.

Command & Conquer ~ Red Alert 3

Command & Conquer ~ Red Alert 3 is one of my favorite types of games. I like to play first person shooter (FPS), real time strategic (RTS), racing and action games. I do play role playing games once in awhile. Therefore, a good gaming system is a must for me. Is my new computer system okay with these kinds of games? YES. :)

By the way, one of the surprise in Command & Conquer ~ Red Alert 3. The is another force show up ~ the Japan Empire. And the funny part is that… Kaito Nakamura in Heroes is the Japan Emperor. There is lot of movie scenes in Command & Conquer ~ Red Alert 3. This is the usual way that EA do games for C&C. And the Command & Conquer ~ Red Alert 3 3D graphics is great too. Nice with my SAPPHIRE HD 4870 512MB GDDR5 PCI-E and Samsung T220 22″ LCD monitor. ;)

Kaito Nakamura in Heroes ~ the Japan Emperor

Hehe… Kaito Nakamura died in Heroes TV series already. And he also died in Command & Conquer ~ Red Alert 3 too. I just killed him. :P Okay, back to games. See ya…

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