Check Penang Bridge traffic status before back from work? Does it helps? Nope. The traffic from Penang to Butterworth is getting worst everyday especially during pre and after working hours. It is not just the Penang Bridge traffic is bad and jam. The jam starts from Penang Bridge Tolls when coming from Butterworth. Sometime even before the Penang Bridge Tolls, you can see cars line up in a very long queue. Same apply to the coming back way from Penang. You can see lot of cars on the road start from 5pm onward from Bayan Lepas Highway. The situation is even worst on Friday. Try to avoid back from Penang on Friday from 3.30pm onward. Else you will spend quite sometime in your car.

Jam… Jam… Everywhere

Yes, I backed late from Penang again. And I faced the traffic jam again of course. I thought the traffic should be okay after 7.30pm. But I was wrong after I came out from Intel Penang because the traffic was jammed when I turn into Bayan Lepas Highway. Oh well, here go my another 2 hours in car. Usually, I take around 1 hour to reach my house. But with this kind of situation, it will take 2 hours.

I always wonder how the Penang residents survive with this kind of traffic. I don’t like to take 30 minutes or more to reach restaurant for lunch or dinner. Are you staying in Penang? Tell me how you survive with the traffic. Thanks.

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