One truck driver was doing his usual delivery to IMH (Institute of mental health)
He discovered a flat tyre when he was about to go home.

He jacked up the truck and took the flat tyre down.
When he was about to fix the spare tyre , he accidentally dropped all the bolts into the drain.
As he can’t fish the bolts out , he started to panic.

One patient happened to walk past and asked the driver what happened.
The driver thought to himself , since there’s nothing much he can do;
he told the patient the whole incident.

The patient laughed at him & said “can’t even fix such a simple problem…
no wonder you are destined to be a truck driver…”

Here’s what you can do , take one bolt each from the other 3 tyres and fix it onto this tyre.
Then drive to the nearest workshop and replace the missing ones , easy as that”
The driver was very impressed and asked “You’re so smart but why are you here at the IMH?”

Patient replied: “Hello , I stay here because I’m crazy not STUPID!

P/S – received this forwarded email. Oh my God, that crazy guy really creative. We should be as creative and innovative all the time. :D

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