Continued from Old times at History & Ethnography Museum

Ware, ceramic and porcelain are stuffs that easily retains for long period. Therefore, you can see them in lot of the museums. Today, we are not only showing you the end product, we will show you the production of them by using clay. Come on…

Nyonya Ware, Sawankhalok Ceramic, Ching & Japanese Porcelain at History & Ethnography Museum

The end products

The tools

The worker

Finally, Ellen…

Hehe… I am not sure are these photos really reflex the production of Nyonya Ware, Sawankhalok Ceramic, Ching & Japanese Porcelain. I just gather all the photos and select them to publish in each post. And then, here you are ~ the great production… :P

Continued on Ships at History & Ethnography Museum

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