Most of the smart phones have touch sensitive screen. There are resistive and capacitive touch screens. So which one of them is better? I searched around the Internet and found some info…

Advantages of resistive touch screen

  • Lower cost.
  • Can operate with any pointing devices like stylus and nail.
  • Good for handwriting recognition system with a stylus.
  • More accurate than capacitive touch screen.

Disadvantages of resistive touch screen

  • Multi touch support not available yet. (Maybe there is…)

Advantages of capacitive touch screen

  • High touch resolution.
  • Visibility good even in sunlight.
  • Not affected by dirt, grease, moisture.
  • Multi touch support available.

Disadvantages of capacitive touch screen

  • Must be touched by finger (at least 5% humidity).
  • More expensive.

Check out Apple iPhone multi touch in action…

So resistive touch screen Suck? See for yourself, HTC Touch Diamond2 which use resistive touch screen in action…

So which one to choose? Up to you… :P

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