Who want a handicap HTC HD2? Well, not me. I don’t think you want it too. Who want a handicap product?

I was thinking to buy HTC HD2 back in October last year. Planned to use it as my personal digital assistant (PDA). Of course, it does not limited to that only. I can use it for many other things like surfing Internet, listening MP3, watching movie, playing games and more. But my colleague told me that I need a broadband data plan to keep my HTC HD2 alive. I doubt that statement back then…

After using HTC HD2 for 1 month+, I can say that I cannot survive without a broadband data plan on my HTC HD2. There are lot of features require data connection besides browsing Internet. Email, stocks, whether, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Microsoft My Phone, Marketplace, Skype, MSN… All of these require data connection. I got myself a broadband data plan in the end.

By the way, Celcom Sale is back. Celcom offers several interesting broadband packages this time. Personally, I like the HP Mini 210 Netbook special discount package at super low price for only RM888 (Retail: RM1,199) when you subscribe to Celcom Broadband Basic or Advance. As you know, I still don’t have a Netbook yet. What will it be with HTC HD2 + HP Mini 210?

So what are you waiting for? Head to any Celcom branch, Blue Cube or dealer to get yours. The promotion will end on 31 March 2010. Visit www.celcom.com.my/broadband for info. ;)

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