Android is installed at SD card on HTC HD2. The easiest way to access SD card on Android HTC HD2 ~ take SD card out from HTC HD2, then insert into SD card reader. However, that’s not the user friendly way because you need to remove the battery cover. Here is another way by using USB cable. It will mount SD card as a disk drive.

I am using mattc Leo + Froyo w/Sense 1.7 Android build. By default, it will charge the phone when connected with USB cable.

Guide to access SD card on Android HTC HD2

  1. Connect USB cable to Android phone from computer.
  2. Pull down the notification bar at the top of your Android phone’s screen.
  3. Click on “Charge only ~ Select to charge USB connection type”
  4. Select “Disk drive ~ Mount as disk drive”
  5. Finally, click “Done”.

That’s it. You can access SD card on Android HTC HD2 as Removable Disk from your computer now.

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