After running Mdeejay eVo Sense Matted Android ROM on my HTC HD2 for months, I discovered that internal phone storage is running low. And I cannot install new applications or games. I found out that I set only 512 MB internal phone storage when I installed this ROM. So I need to increase data.img file size without damage my data in there. How to increase Android data.img file size for HTC HD2?


Yeah… TopoResize comes to rescue. I managed to increase internal phone storage to 1022 MB from 512 MB. Besides resizing, TopoResize can also help to create a totally new data.img file. Now I have another 610 MB extra free internal phone storage. Of course, your SD card needs to have extra free space else TopoResize can’t help you too.

Download TopoResize v0.7.1 here.

via: xda-developers

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