How to speed up Android SD card read / write speed? Simple… Buy a better and higher class SD card will do, right? But I don’t want to waste money to get a new SD card, what should I do then? Just install SD Speed Increase from Android Market. It is an application allows you to change a parameter in file system that manages size of the cache on the memory card. At 2048 kb the performance is optimized, making read-write on SD card faster. Try it see… Note – root access needed.

SD Speed Increase

I am using 4 GB Kingston class 4 SD card on Android HTC HD2. Here is the result from SD Tools ~ Info and Benchmark tools. 10.5 MB/s for writing and 15.8 MB/s for reading on 2048 kb cache. Note – certain custom Android ROM already preset the cache value. So you don’t need to manually to edit it again.

SD Tools

Download SD Speed Increase at Android Market here.
Download SD Tools ~ Info and Benchmark tools at Android Market here.

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