Fruit Ninja lovers? You are going to love Veggie Samurai: Uprising from Quantum Squid Interactive. I did not play original Veggie Samurai previously, but I really like this new release ~ Veggie Samurai Uprising. You need to get as high as possibly can by slicing veggies, all-the-while collecting useful power-ups and avoiding hazards as you climb. Love this free Android fast pace action game because you need to slice as fast as you can, and it combines Doodle Jump style to get as high as possible. By the way, do enable 4xMSAA with Chainfire3D to improve 3D graphics even more.

Veggie Samurai: Uprising

Veggie Samurai: Uprising Features

  • 6 unique game modes
  • Several power-ups to collect and upgrade
  • Tons of outfits to customize the appearance of your Veggie Samurai
  • Game Center integration
  • 34 achievements to master
  • Beautiful background art
  • 3 original soundtracks

Hehe… I managed to get 8 combo hits so far. Try your best to beat my record.

Download Veggie Samurai: Uprising at Android Market here.

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