Err… Why my HTC One X battery life is so poor? Do you always have low battery life issue on your HTC One X? If so, your HTC One X battery might have issue or it is a defect battery. No worry, you can diagnosis HTC One X battery by yourself. HTC has a tool to do so ~ HTC Function Test. Use the Battery Test function in HTC Function Test application to find out your HTC One X battery life performance.

HTC One X Battery Test

How to test HTC One X battery life?

  1. Charge battery until 100% fully charged.
  2. Put HTC One X in Airplane mode (Press and hold power button for 3 seconds and select Airplane mode).
  3. Bring up HTC Function Test.
  4. Go to Battery Test.
  5. Follow onscreen intrusions there.
  6. That’s all.

My HTC One X battery is perfectly okay because battery level is still above 70% after running battery test. If yours is not, it’s time for you to send your HTC One X back to service.

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