Come on, left Adobe Flash Player alone. Don’t install it on Android Jelly Bean anymore. Yes, Flash is not supported officially on Android since Jelly Bean by Adobe. We all should move forward to adapt HTML5. Ignore Adobe Flash Player totally. However, some of us might need it to access old website which is not HTML5 friendly on their Google Nexus 4. So don’t be cruel. Here is the way to enable Adobe Flash Player on Nexus 4.

Adobe Flash Player on LG Nexus 4

How to enable Adobe Flash Player on Nexus 4?
First of all, you need browser that supports Flash. Note – Google Chrome does not support it. So install 3rd party browser like Firefox. Then install Adobe Flash Player 11. That’s all. You can enjoy Flash content from now on.

Download Adobe Flash Player 11 for Nexus 4 here.

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