Still not using custom kernel on your Google Nexus 4? Then you are not getting the best performance, battery life and extra features out of it. Yes, it can improve sound, display colour and gamma too. No need to install entire custom ROM but install custom kernel on stock ROM will do. There is lot of custom kernel that you can try. Some offer CPU & GPU overclocking, voltage control but some don’t. So just try them one by one and leave the best one on your Nexus 4.

Trinity Four Kernel for LG Nexus 4
Der Kernel Trinity Four

faux123 Kernel for LG Nexus 4
faux123 Kernel

franco Kernel for LG Nexus 4
franco Kernel

Harsh Kernel for LG Nexus 4
Harsh Kernel

intersectRaven Kernel for LG Nexus 4
intersectRaven Kernel

Matr1x Kernel for LG Nexus 4
Matr1x Kernel

motley kernel for LG Nexus 4
motley kernel

Do refer to custom kernel for Nexus 4 installation guide to get it installed ~ How to install custom kernel on Nexus 4?

Enjoy custom kernel on your LG Nexus 4…

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