How to disable Samsung Galaxy S4 camera shutter sound? Yeah… That’s a simple task. The method works just like its brother, Galaxy S3 unlike Galaxy Note 2. Well, this simple method does not work for every region Galaxy S4 like Europe, US due to regulation. Luckily, Malaysia does not have such rule. So I can turn off camera shutter, focus and burst mode sounds easily. Same apply to video recording.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Camera

How to disable Galaxy S4 camera sound?
Just turn your Galaxy S4 sound into vibrate or mute mode. It will disable all camera sounds then. Simple, right? As I mentioned, this method does not work for every Galaxy S4. If you are one of the unlucky, you can try to use 3rd party camera application which have no shutter sound. Or root Galaxy S4 and delete those camera sounds. Using 3rd party camera app is a better idea unless you already have root access on your Galaxy S4…

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