Samsung KNOX is a comprehensive hardware and software security solution for new Samsung devices like Galaxy Note 3. And latest firmware on Galaxy S4 has it too. It is more toward to enterprise because business has more important and sensitive data. Lot of useful security features but not for average daily users. And one of the negative feature that most of the Android users who require root access dislike – warranty void after rooted. This applies to custom kernel, ROM, firmware, recovery and modem installation. In short, anything unofficial will trigger the KNOX warranty void to 0×1.

Samsung KNOX on Galaxy Note 3

Luckily, this KNOX is still new to Samsung Malaysia. And someone managed to claim warranty for free even with rooted Galaxy Note 3. For your information, Samsung Malaysia has been ‘kind’ enough to give free warranty on rooted devices in the past (unlike HTC). Will it change its policy with this new KNOX? My Galaxy Note 3 still free from unofficial customization. Yes, it is not rooted yet. But should be soon since no hardware issue has been found so far. How about you? Rooted your Galaxy Note 3 already?

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