Yes! has a good start in year 2009. The traffic increases after I changed Google Analytics code from footer to header. This is a nice trick to get more hits. Why? Not all visitors will wait until your website page complete loading. has lot of stuffs to load. Therefore, Google Analytics missed capture some visitors who did not wait so long. After changing it, you can see the result as below. Cool… :)

jayceooi_jan09.jpg January Google Analytics stats

42690 visits for January 2009. I set a goal on March 2008 that I need to have 1000 visits per day by March 2009. I did it by January. Looking forward, 5000 visits per day is the next target for year 2010. Hopefully, it can be reachable.

Busy… Busy… Busy… I forced myself to update this blog everyday. However, I failed to do so. I took a week off during Chinese New Year. Thankfully, the traffic did not drop. Why? The search engine traffic is still bringing visitors to This is the power of SEO. You do not need to work everyday in order to get online advertising income. Are you interested to learn it? Visit my another blog to learn how to make money online. :)

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