Altec Lansing VS4121 does not have console gaming Y-adapter (Y-cable) in Malaysia? Is this true? YES!!!

I brought one on February. I was shocked when I discover it does not have Y-cable included. The box and manual state that the cable is included. I sent an email to Miss Wang Chin Chin at Ban Leong Technologies Sdn Bhd. She did not reply me. Therefore, I made complain to Julio Vargas from Altec Lansing Customer Support did not response well with my questions.

I felt upset.I filed a report to Pusat Khidmat Aduan Pengguna Nasional (NCCC). After few weeks, I got a letter from NCCC. It had sent a complain to Ban Leong Technologies Sdn Bhd about this issue. Some guy from Ban Leong Technologies Sdn Bhd called me last Friday. He said that the cable was not included. And Miss Wang Chin Chin did not receive my email. He already told all the dealers in Malaysia to tell consumer that cable is not included. I was not satisfied with his answer. After arguing for some time, he said that he will send the Y-cable to me for free. Wow, that’s great. Is this mean that Ban Leong Technologies Sdn Bhd is guilty for not include Y-cable in the first place? I do not have the answer. Do you?

I received the cable this afternoon. Thanks Ban Leong Technologies Sdn Bhd for the cable I guess. :P Or I deserve to have it?

Anyway, does anyone in Malaysia also face the same problem as I? You cannot find your cable in your speaker box. Login to NCCC to file a report. Ops… Did I mention that Miss Wang Chin Chin is the GM of Ban Leong Technologies Sdn Bhd? No wonder she did not read my email. :P

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