Burnout is one of the best racing games that I love to play. Burnout Paradise is the latest edition of Burnout series. What make Burnout racing game so special? It is the car crashing. In Burnout, you can take down other cars by crash them down one by one. Besides normal race which fight for the 1st, Burnout Paradise has several game mode like stunt, marked man and more. The game play is fun and exciting while the graphic is perfect. It is a racing game that you can’t miss in year 2009.

Burnout Paradise

There are 75 cars to choose from in Burnout Paradise. And these cars are separated into boost types like speed, stunt and aggression. Different cars have different speed, boost and strength. Besides that, you have a big place ~ Paradise City to race your cars. And there are short cuts along the ways to beat your components. Familiar with Paradise City, then you will be the best racer there.

Stunt boost type car

Aggression boot type car

The Burnout Paradise 3D engine is great. I have no problem run Burnout Paradise in 1680×1050 with 4XAA on ATI HD4870 512MB. I get 55 to 60 FPS with this setting.

Nice graphics and motion blur

Nice car too

Crash… Crash… Crash… The best part of Burnout Paradise. I like to take down other cars. However, it is easy to get yourself crash too if you did not handle well. Anyway, just get into Auto-repair Shop when your car is in bad condition. Then, you will back on the game in no time. There is gas station that will fill up your booster to max too. And paint shop that change colour of your car. More other mini tasks that you can archive in Burnout Paradise. Just play it to find out.

Oh no…


No mood to race? It is show time then. In Show Time mode, you have the ability to crash as many cars to get more points.

Show Time in action

I just started to play Burnout Paradise. There are more features for me to explore in Burnout Paradise. Oh before I forget, you can ride motorbike in Paradise City too. Okay, back to the game. See ya…

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