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We went to another place that plant a lot of cactus. It is Cactus Valley at Cameron Highlands. It is a great place to visit because it has the most plants of all the places we visit. However, you need to pay to entry. Yes, need to pay RM4.00 for adult and RM2.00 for children. Pay it, trust me, it is worthed the money.

Cactus Valley at Cameron Highlands

It is almost like Cactus Point. But it has a bigger field to plant a lot of plantation. I did not take any cactus photo in this place because I don’t like cactus much actually. And some of the cactus was spoiled by stupid person – they wrote these “we visited here”, “Ah Kao come here lo” and a lot more nonsense sentences on cactus skin. They should respect the place and protect it. Oh well, this is stupid human act, I can’t control them.

Jayce at Cactus Valley

Ellen at Cactus Valley

The place is really big. It took us around 1 hour to walk all the places (walk slowly of course). There are a lot of beautiful flowers. They could not escape from me. I took most of beautiful one.

Blur blur glass


I like it

Don’t know what is it. ;)

Lovely, don’t they?

I like f/1.4 aperture… Background is blur…

The sun is here!!!

Don’t know what to put already… So put this…

More to come… Stay with me for more interesting acticles.

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