Clash of Clans Town Hall 11 with Level 12 walls to be announced at ClashCon? Yes, this is highly possible. I don’t usually post rumour unless I have firm fact. But this one really catched my eyes. Someone mentioned it on Clash of Clans Forum and the post got deleted after few minutes. Why? Because it is the official reply from CoC China Team. Unless the screenshot is a fake one. Else the thing might be true then. Anyway, it is not a surprise to see TH11 coming out at ClashCon next month. It is already long due for a big update…


Clash of Clans’ King and Queen are the most powerful troops ever. And you should get these heroes to maximum level 40 as soon as possible. It will help you in both defend and attack no matter on normal multiplayer mode or clan wars. What is the easiest way to max both of them? Yes, use gems. However, it will cost you a healthy price to get both king and queen to level 40. King can be upgraded to maximum level 5 at Town Hall 7 and level 10 at TH8. Both queen and king can be upgraded to level 30 at Town Hall 9. And max level at TH10. Getting king to level 10 at TH8 is easy. However, not the case for both heroes at TH9.


Champion League at Clash of Clans is so history. Yeah… But I managed to reach it before the latest update which introduce 2 new leagues ~ Titan and Legend. Well, reaching Champion League is not so hard if you are Town Hall 10 player with decent defences and armies. But hard for those below TH10 because others will crush you easily. Of course, it is not impossible because there are players on Town Hall 3 who managed to get there too with town hall snipping. And need to have a very long online period. At the end, you will be rewarded handsomely with 2000 gems. That’s why all people are pushing toward Champion League. Then use it to buy 5th builder.




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