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How to root Google Nexus 4? You can easily find lot of guides and videos about it on Internet. Being a Google developer smartphone, rooting Nexus 4 can be done in simple way. In short, just unlock Nexus 4 bootloader. Then root it. That’s all. Simple, right? Yes, with the correct tool and drivers. It is not mission impossible to do so.

Root access on Google Nexus 4


Why I have Android ADB offline status when connect Android device with USB debugging mode? It can detect my Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean device but have offline status. Fear no more, there is a solution to fix this issue. Just update Android SDK Development Environment (Android SDK Tools and Android SDK Platform-tools) with Android SDK Manager to the latest version. That’s should fix it. And don’t forget to allow USB debugging access from your computer then.

Android SDK Manager


I like Samsung Android devices because they have unlocked bootloader. Same apply to Samsung Galaxy Note II. So that you can modify it with whatever you prefer like install custom kernel, ROM, theme, firmware… However, install these unofficial stuffs will void warranty ~ custom binary download will increase, current binary and system status to custom in Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Odin Download Mode. No worry, you can always restore to stock Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to recover warranty back. Reset custom binary download to No, current binary to Samsung Official and system status to Official. And Device status from Modified to Normal (Settings – About device – Status). It will be like a brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 2 like you turn on it for the very first time. How to do so? Please refer to below step by step video guide to know more…


  • Triangle Away
  • Odin3
  • Stock Firmware


How to unroot Samsung Galaxy Note II? Lot of people confuses about rooting and install custom ROM. To me, rooting and custom ROM are 2 different things. Rooting only grant you root access while installs custom ROM is not called rooting. It change your current firmware with something else totally. Just take unroot Samsung Galaxy Note 2 as example. It is a task to remove root access from Galaxy Note 2. And not restore to stock firmware. So don’t be confused by these two…

Unroot Galaxy Note 2 with SuperSU


Samsung Galaxy Note II internal speaker volume too soft for you even on maximum volume? Want to increase phone incall conversation volume? Or Galaxy Note 2 audio output not enough to power your professional headphone? There is a hack to maximize all these volumes. How to do so? Basically, you need to increase incall, speaker and headphone output volume in default_gain.conf system file. Yes, root access is required in order to do so. You can edit them manually, or replace the file with pre-modified default_gain.conf from XDA Developer, EdgaBimbam. And don’t forget to make a backup first as always…

Maximize Galaxy Note 2 volume


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