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How to enable tablet UI on Nexus 7?

Google Nexus 7 is the latest and greatest Android tablet from Google. However, Nexus 7 does not have tablet UI like other Android tablets (Example, Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1). It has phone UI instead. Notification is dropped down from top not like tablet UI mode at right bottom. No worry, there is a simple way to enable tablet UI mode on Nexus 7. However, root access is required.

Tablet UI mode on Nexus 7


How to improve Nexus 7 GPS performance?

How to improve Google Nexus 7 GPS performance? Yes, I am glad that I can ask this question on my Nexus 7 because it has GPS feature unlike Amazon Kindle Fire. I can have big 7″ GPS device on my car now. However, Nexus 7 GPS performance and signal may not be as good as Samsung Galaxy S III which has both GPS and GLONASS. But you still can make Nexus 7 GPS signal lock faster with little of this free Android application ~ FasterFix. Note – root access is required.

Improve Nexus 7 GPS performance with FasterFix


How to load Nexus 7 recovery mode?

How to load Google Nexus 7 recovery mode? I tried to boot into Nexus 7 stock recovery but failed. Only managed to load Nexus 7 Fastboot mode. Then it stuck at Google Logo when try to load recovery. Not a big deal because stock recovery can’t do much stuff when compare to ClockworkMod (CWM) Touch Recovery and TWRP Recovery from TeamWin Recovery Project. I managed to root Nexus and install CWM Touch Recovery with Google Nexus 7 ToolKit’s 1-click method. So how to load Nexus 7 recovery mode now?

Quick Boot (Reboot)


Google Nexus 7 does not have microSD card slot. Adding extra SD card to increase storage space is not an option. You will face low disk space issue sooner or later especially for those with 8GB storage model (like mine). My Amazon Kindle Fire serves me well even with 8GB storage only. However, situation is not the same with Nexus 7 because it supports lot of interesting Android games with NVIDIA Tegra 3 GPU. And most of these advanced 3D games require lot of disk space. Luckily, I manage to put most of my music, photo and video on external storage like USB flash drive. And connect it with USB OTG cable when needed. Of course, with the help of StickMount application too. Note – root access is required.

USB flash drive on Nexus 7


How to restore stock firmware on Google Nexus 7? That’s the question you will ask when want to return Nexus 7 to Asus for warranty claim. Your Nexus 7 warranty might be voided if you leave Nexus 7 bootloader unlocked or have unofficial stuffs like rooted Nexus 7, custom firmware, ROM and kernel. Therefore, we need to remove all unofficial stuffs and lock Nexus 7 bootloader back. No worry, just follow below step by step video guide to restore stock firmware on Nexus 7. Everything will be back just like the very first time you power on Nexus 7.


  • Google Nexus 7 ToolKit
  • Nexus 7 adb & fastboot drivers
  • Nexus 7 factory image


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