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Overclock… Overclock… Overclock… Let’s push Samsung Galaxy Note II performance to the limit by overclock it. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Quad Core Application Processor is clocked at 1.6 GHz by default. However, you still can push its limit and improve overall Samsung Galaxy Note 2 performance by overclock up to 1.8 GHz. Official Samsung Galaxy Note 2 kernel does not have overclock feature. So you need to install custom kernel for Samsung Galaxy Note 2 in order to enjoy overclock ability.

Note – overclock will reduce Samsung Galaxy Note 2 CPU, battery and other hardware components lifespan because it will overheat easily. Do it at your own risk.

Default @ 1.6 GHz


Come on, let’s install custom kernel on Samsung Galaxy Note II. Why? Good custom kernel usually has better performance and enables more features on your Android smartphone like Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Example, benefits to battery life, screen improvement, fluidity and sound enhancements are some of the added features. For advanced users, you can play around with overclocking, undervolting voltage control, multiple tweaked CPU governors and GPU overclocking to further improve performance and battery life. Some custom kernels also provide root access, insecure adb, custom boot animation support, I/O tweaks, automatic backup of EFS partition, NTFS USB driver support… Just try out several custom kernels for Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and keep the one that you prefer.

Perseus Kernel for Samsung Galaxy Note 2


USB mass storage mode is no longer supported on latest Samsung Galaxy series including Samsung Galaxy Note II. What you have – Media device (MTP) and Camera (PTP) mode only. Luckily, there is a way to enable USB mass storage mode on Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Yes, it is working on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean firmware too. But have limitation which it is workable on external micro SD card only. It can’t mount internal sdcard as USB mass storage device. Furthermore, root access is required.

USB mass storage on Samsung Galaxy Note 2


How to enable call recording on Samsung Galaxy Note 2? Simple, just find call recorder no matter free or paid one at Google Play Store that suite you. Or enable the hidden built-in call recording feature on Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Note – root access is required.

Call recording on Samsung Galaxy Note 2


How to install update zip with ClockworkMod Recovery (CWM) on Samsung Galaxy Note II? Yes, most of the custom modifications like theme, boot animation, application, modem, kernel and ROM are in CWM zip format. Therefore, you need to use CWM to install them on your Samsung Galaxy Note 2. By the way, always make a full system backup with Samsung Galaxy Note 2 CWM before apply any update zip. Why? Not every custom build zip is friendly to Samsung Galaxy Note 2. You might face bootloop issue (can’t enter Android OS at all). And restore to previous backup image is the best way to recover.