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Developer options on Google Nexus 4 is a must have for developers and power users. However, most normal users like you and me do not require to use those features in Developer options. Therefore, Google disabled them by default starting Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. Same apply to Nexus 4 with Jelly Bean. No worry, you still can turn it back on to use Developer options’ features like USB debugging, allow mock locations, force GPU rendering, force 4x MSAA, control background process limit…

Developer options on LG Nexus 4


My Google Nexus 4 comes with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. After playing for a while, I received Over-the-air OTA system update notification about latest Nexus 4 firmware update which improves system stability and performance. Without further ado, I upgraded Nexus 4 firmware through OTA system update. It is as easy as ABC. Most of the time, system will notify you that there is a new OTA system update available. If no, just check for the system update by yourself manually…

LG Nexus 4 OTA system update


Yes, you can enable all application on one of the great features in Samsung Galaxy S III Premium Suite Upgrade ~ Multi Window now. More and more Android 4.1.2 firmware is available for Samsung Galaxy S3 like XXELKC, XXELL4, XXELL5 and XXELLA. All of them support Multi Window but only few applications can be used in that mode. Luckily, you can enable all applications in Samsung Galaxy S3 Multi Window with the same mod from developer who developed for Samsung Galaxy Note 2. As usual, root access and CWM are required.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Multi Window
Unlimited apps in Samsung Galaxy S3 Multi Window


I love to enable 4x MSAA in most of the 3D games that I play. Anti-Aliasing will make the games graphics look great. And the good news is that you can enable 4x MSAA in OpenGL ES 2.0 Android applications and games for free now. No Chainfire3D Pro driver is needed. However, here is the catch ~ you need to have at least Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and GPU hardware that support MSAA. NVIDIA Tegra 3 GPU does not support MSAA, so no luck on Google Nexus 7. But all Android devices which loaded with ARM Mali-400 MP GPU support it. Therefore, devices like Samsung Galaxy S2, Galaxy Note, Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 support MSAA.

4x MSAA in OpenGL ES 2.0 on Beach Buggy Blitz (100% cropped)


Backup Android applications, games and data are fairly easy with Titanium Backup. However, root access is required in order to use Titanium Backup just like most other Android backup applications in Google Play Store. Can I backup and restore Android applications and data without root access? Yes, you can but adb knowledge is required. No worry, ClockworkMod team has make our lives easier by coming out this useful application ~ Carbon – App Sync and Backup. Carbon does not require root access. Therefore, I can use it on my unrooted HTC One X.

Carbon – App Sync and Backup


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