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I got this from my friend. It happened at my home town, Sungai Petani. Do be careful when pump petrol at gas station especially girls. Hmm… Sungai Petani is not a safe place anymore. :(

I am angry with Advertlets.com


Thanks k0k s3n w4i for this interesting picture. It suits my feeling very well. Why? Check out my post – Advertlets.com – Beware of this online advertising company.

Nobody like to register forum account

Hmm… I have done a research on human behavior on register an account on Forum at JayceOoi.com for 1 week. I make a conclusion that nobody like to register forum account. Why?

He… He… Actually, I also don’t like to register an account on any website. I will only register it when I really need to use the website’s service. Else I don’t bother to register it at all. Same apply to here. There are only 15 persons who register. I would like to thank them for register and give me support on my new forum. Many thanks. :)

I have one very popular post which has more than 400 comments. And one of my readers suggested me to have a proper forum to discuss it. I created the forum and closed the comment function on that post. During that week, I have 2 persons contacted me. One through chat box and another one using contact form. I asked them to post the question at the forum but none of them register to post it. And leave to other website for solution I think. He… He… :P

Anyway, I re-enable back the comment function. Let’s see how the response then.

Free apples from Intel

Yeah… Do you have free apple from your company? He… He… My precious company, Intel gave us 2 apples yesterday as part of the health program. Why Intel gives us the apple? It wants us to be healthy to do more work. :P Another reason, Intel also launched free soda, hot drink at cafe yesterday too. It scares all of the Intel employees will fall sick due to drink too much of the soda drink.

Apple anyone?

P/S – The soda and hot drinks became tasteless this morning. Why? Too much employee drinks them and Intel has to mix with water to enable the supply. LOL :P

HeartBeat.com.my has done it again. They launched HB!Affiliate. A reward program that will bring money to all the webmaster and blogger like you. It is like a special reward points system. The more you purchase, the more you refer, the more you EARN. You can earn RM10 immediately if you sign up right now. What are you waiting for? Head to HeartBeat.com.my and sign up! Create an account first then look for “JOIN HB!AFFILIATE”. :)

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