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Yeah… I received my Standard Chartered credit card today. And it came along with “Free 1 night hotel stay in Standard Room at First World Hotel, Genting Highlands Resort” voucher. I can go Genting Highlands again lo. And I booked 1 room already too. Will go to Genting Highlands first before go to Melaka. Can’t wait for my holidays… :D

Free 1 night at First World Hotel voucher

Actually, I applied this Standard Chartered credit card because of this voucher. Else I will not simply apply credit card. The Standard Chartered credit card officer was happy to see me. Because he did not need to persuade me much to sign up for the card. I went there by myself. :P

Do you want a free night at First World Hotel, Genting Highlands too?

Free ice cream from Intel

Yoo… Yoo… I got free stuff from my company, Intel again. This time is ICE CREAM. Yeah… Yeah… :D

Free ice cream

Hmm… What kind of ice cream will Intel give me? Could it be like the ice cream below?

Yummy… :D

Stop dreaming and get back to work!!! :P

Free Tux stickers from Wing Loon

Thanks Wing Loon for the lovely Tux stickers. I was all time top 10 commentators in his blog. Yeah… Yeah… :)

16 free Tux stickers


Warning… Speed trap ahead…

HeHe… I got this from my friend. Nowadays, the police are very creative. See below photo. The police hide himself at the fruit store at Sabak Bernam, Selangor. :P

Speed trap

So my fellow readers… Be sure not to speeding lo. You can reach your destination even driving within speed limit.

Be slow == be safe. :D

Do you use Hotlink Activ10?

Do you use Hotlink Active 10? Yes. I do. I was a Hotlink Active 5 user back then. After Hotlink introduce Activ10, i am Activ10 user lo. However, do I benefit from Hotlink Activ10 lately? NO NO NO!!!

Hotlink Activ10

Huh? Why? If you read the fine words at above. *For customers on Hotlink Talk, Hotlink SMS & Hotlink Total rate plans, please be advised that the Off-Peak period for Activ10 Voice & Video Calls on Sundays has been amended to 12 midnight to 10am (previously 12 midnight to 5pm). Note – you can only enjoy this cheap call and SMS during Off-Peak period.

Basically, I don’t have much GHOST friends. So I do not benefit from Hotlink Avtiv10. Did you see the Off-Peak period was changed from “12 midnight to 5pm” to “12 midnight to 10am”? I am sleeping during 12 midnight to 6am. And preparing to office from 6am to 8am. Start working at 8am then. Do I still benefit from Hotlink Activ10???

I really missed previous Hotlink Active 5. Can I have it back? :P

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