Check Fus Downloader ~ Download & Decrypt latest Samsung Firmware

Checking new official firmware upgrade while using custom firmware on your Samsung phone or tablet is not an easy task. Because Samsung Kies and built-in software update will not notify you when there is a new firmware released. So you have to check on news website or blog for the latest firmware info. Or you can use Check Fus Downloader to find it out by yourself. In addition, you can also download the official firmware and install it with Odin manually. This is available on Android and Bada platform.

Check Fus Downloader

Besides official firmware, you can also find beta / test mode firmware with Check Fus Downloader. Beta / test mode firmware is a not yet (but soon to be) released firmware and is only intended to be used by advanced users. So you can try out the latest leaked test firmware before official release. By the way, you can also use the web version of Check Fus to find out latest firmware here.

Installation guide ~ How to install firmware on Samsung Galaxy S2 with Odin? (Video)

Download Check Fus Downloader here.

  • hey how to this work .. i install fus downloader

    • Just select platform, model, country. Then download it.

  • Souvik

    More then Thanks Bro ^_^

  • thnxxxx now downloading ..but want 2 conform dat all firmware of every region are offcial or unoffcial= in Check Fus Downloader?

    • If not mistaken, Check Fus Downloader grabs firmware from Samsung server. So they are official except test mode firmware.

  • Nuno

    You can also check using this website and/or add @SGS2Update in your twitter account to be updated every 2 hours

  • shiyam

    i lost my samsung galaxy s2 all the contact numbers and application by mistake. can u tell me what i have to do for recover that

    • You can restore them if you have backup. Else can’t do anything much.

  • adarsh

    how to install downloaded encrypted file to phone will you please explain the procedure
    thanks in avance

    • Hi adarsh, please refer to installation guide in the post.

  • jack

    To download the software error when it hits CheckFusDownloader_v2.1

    CRC check failed.

    • jack, redownload it again.

  • jack

    Worked.But when I want to update my phone worked side error

    do you have any program for updates the firmware for s5260 and s5263

    • Sorry jack, nope.

  • jack

    How to install firmware on Samsung mobile

    • Use Samsung Kies or Odin.

  • jack

    If the file is an operating system Firmware Samsung s5260 bada

    • Not sure Samsung Kies can use or not. Please consult Samsung Support.

  • Melvin

    Hi Jayce,

    Do we need to save this exe file in a certain directory? I’m getting “Error while reading file. Try delete dbdata.db and restart the program.” error. I already tried to delete the dbdata.db and try to move it to other directory but no to avail. Can you post a link of your file maybe the site is broken due to number of people who try to check JB..:D

    Also any chance or % of bricking the device with this process? I’m kinda hesitant especially now that I got defected installer. :p

    Thanks Jayce.

    • No other download link. I got it from Check Fus Downloader website.

      Yes, there is chance of bricking even with Samsung Kies itself. 😛

  • andreytodor

    hello this program does not work, I installed everything and I can not find any software? do not know what problem is?

    • It stopped working lately. Maybe server issue…

  • Alfred

    Hello J,
    I kinda installed 4.1.2 in my SGS2. but i really want to go back to ICS. Is there is any way to make this happen??

  • mahmoud mnea

    every time i try to download firmware from check fus downloader it says no firmware info retrieved for given data. is there any way to stop this

    • It is not working for the moment and the owner is aware of that. It should work again in the new version.

  • Garydulfo

    Sir how would i know if my s3 was brick?and if brick,is they a way to bring it back to normal?thank sir,

    • Brick == you can’t power on it at all. What is your condition now?

  • Garydulfo

    The technician told me may unit maybe crash in time so they pull out my cp,they brought back my s3 but they said that the hardware detect tampered my firmware?advice me not to update it again and pray that it will not crash/brick?

  • Garydulfo

    As of the moment my s3 working fine but the technician told me,there are same case it will be crash/black screen/brick,i should waTch my s3 and advice not to update anymore,they also told my the hard drive of my s3 notice a wrong customfirmware,so it sets for 1count,i dont have idea what it meaning of it,..

    • Oh, it must be Sudden Death Syndrome. Well, we can’t do anything much on this. Just make sure that you are using latest firmware to avoid this issue.

  • Garydulfo

    The technician told me that the latest firmware,advice me dont update it,,hmm so can i use my s3 on the normally?watching movie,textung,internt?gaming? What are your best advice in my case? Are there cases that sudden death syndrome survived?

    • Update or not is totally up to you. No need to update if nothing wrong.

  • Garydulfo

    Ok as of now 4.1.2 was my version,so i can your my s3 normally?or should i turn off it more often?

    • “so i can your my s3 normally?” What do you mean?
      No need to turn off.

  • Garydulfo

    I was afraid that if ever i use occationally my s3 it may experience SDS,so i decided to turn off my s3 more often,