Digi Infinite Android USB Tethering Router Setup (Video)

Someone asked – why my mobile devices are showing Wi-Fi connection and still saying that I am using Digi Postpaid 150 Infinite plan? Okay, here is the answer. I am connecting with USB tethering through wireless router. That’s the easily to get Digi Infinite get connected to replace my existing TM Streamyx 8mbps. All my other devices don’t need to change any settings at all. And work normally as usual…

Yup, that’s the setup that I am using right now. Use Neffos C5 as the one that connect to Digi broadband. And pass Internet to Asus RT-AC68U through Android USB tethering method. Then Asus RT-AC68U to serve all my devices at my house.

  • People

    The modem costs RM 800.. wow too expensive

    • Yes, expensive for the price. Got it cheaper during promotion at below RM700 last time.

      • Cloud

        hi, do you know how to set the VPN in the Asus router to prevent the p2p cap?

        • Install Merlin firmware. Stock firmware has issue on VPNs that I tried. Most VPN should have guide on setup Merlin router. 🙂