Download Android 2.3.5 Vanilla AOSP ROM for Samsung Galaxy S2 (CWM)

Want clean, fast, light and latest Android ROM for Samsung Galaxy S II? Then you should try DevNull ROM from XDA Developer, AdamG. It is based on Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread (GRJ90) from Android Open Source Project (AOSP). And using Linux kernel v2.6.35.7, rooted, added Superuser and BusyBox. Besides, he also added few features like advanced power menu with reboot and screenshot options, enhanced auto backlight mod, SIP calling over 3G…

Android 2.3.5 Vanilla AOSP ROM for Samsung Galaxy S2

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AOSP 3D Launcher
Software information

Note – This is a testing release. Do check out XDA website for latest build.

Installation guide ~ How to install firmware on Samsung Galaxy S2 with ClockworkMod Recovery?

Download Android 2.3.5 Vanilla AOSP 010811 CWM ROM here.

  • Nazr

    Bro,is it safe to use this firmware or better use 2.3.4 firmware?

    • No idea. You need to test it yourself. 😉

      • Nazr

        Currently,what firmware you are using..?

  • Nazr

    This might sounds like noob question but can i know what is the differences between leomar75 xxki3 and normal firmware..?

      • Nazr

        Already read it..I just want to confirm,is it the same as cyanogenmod…?noob question, If i use this rom, can i still update my galaxy s2 using any new Samsung release firmware..?

        • LeoMar75 is based on Samsung firmware. CyanogenMod is based on Android AOSP.
          LeoMar75 is a custom firmware. You can’t upgrade it through Kies. Same as CyanogenMod.

          • Nazr

            I’ve read all the features,it’s pretty intresting. Do you have any easy instruction to install LeoMar75?

            • Installation is the same as this firmware – CWM method.

  • Mashkoor


    Can i get download link for ice cream sandwich ROM please.

    Thanks in Advance.