Download ClockworkMod Recovery v1.3 for HTC HD2

ClockworkMod Recovery v1.3 for HTC HD2 is another Chinese New Year Gift to me. Thanks xda-developer, RaiderX303. It is a must installed application for MAGLDR v1.13. ClockworkMod Recovery is now booting from NAND instead of the old SD Card boot method. Download the recovery with the partition layout you require to flash the ROM. Then flash it like standard NAND ROM using DAF and MAGLDR USB Flasher. Finally, select AD Recovery to load into ClockworkMod Recovery.

ClockworkMod Recovery v1.3 Change Log

  • Supports AD Recovery in MAGLDR
  • 400MB Partition layout now works with 512MB LEO for ROM with Data2SD

Which partition layout size of ClockworkMod Recovery should I use?
Depending on what type of ROM that you plan to use, you should choose the partition size based on the following.

  • 150MB Partition – For bare ROM including CyanogenMod, AOSP, and MIUI
  • 250MB Partition – For Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, Standard Sense ROM including Desire and EVO based ROM, can also be used for some squashed HD builds
  • 400MB Partition – For Larger ROM including unsquashed Desire HD and Z ROM, ROM REQUIRE data2sd for EU HD2 with 512MB NAND

Download ClockworkMod Recovery v1.3

  • MySchizoBuddy

    Which partition size do you recommend for MDJ Cyanogenmod 7 Gingerbread v2.6

    • MySchizoBuddy

      never mind it’s the 150MB one. it says in the description

    • You can try 150MB first. If not enough space for system, try 250MB.

  • Ronnie Lim

    What is the Partition mentioned in your Clockworkmod 1.2?

    Previously i use that to install CoreDroid 1.4 and it works well.
    Now, with 1.3 250M, the installation is good.
    But when it start, it hang at the htc logo/banner.

    do you think it is related to partition size?

    • v1.2 is using 250MB as the default partition layout. Did you wipe data and cache before install this ROM?

      • RonnieLim

        Yes, i did, i even re-create partition. it dont work.

        Finally, i use DAF and follow CoreDroid readme from scratch and it works.
        On CoreDroid readme, i copy the Zip file using Clockwork/mount SD.
        Previously i copy the SD directly from Windows.

        Not sure if that make any difference.

        Anyway, now it works, and i have upgraded to CoreDroid 1.5

        • Ronnie Lim

          Now i have 250M partition and did a backup.
          if i flash 150M to try a differerent ROM (eg Gingerbread), i guess before i restore my backup, i have to re-flash back 250M partition?

          • That will depend on your backup ROM system files size.

    • Jai

      How did u installed this recovery 1.3?
      it doesnt have initrd and zImage files.

  • kc

    for TMOUS and EU whats mean? jayce…can u explain to me?

    • TMOUS = T-Mobile HD2 which have 1024 MB ROM.
      EU = HTC HD2 with 512 MB ROM.

  • kc

    thanks jayce~

  • luther

    hi jacey this bootloader is for what? do u have a video for this thing?

  • Anubhav

    hey jayce, u didnt told me how to access ext3 partition on android…

    • EXT3 is used by Android OS A2SD+. Why do you want to access it?

  • dylan

    hi jayce

    i need your help regarding on hd2….i install nand android NEXUSHD2 GINGERBREAD few weeks ago and now my hd2 is freezing and i dont know how to fix it i try holding the red button but still i cannot unlock my cp…i also try reinstalling the nand rom but its still the same…can flashing the original rom of hd2 can fix the problem???

    • Hi dylan, freezing? At what stage?

      • Dylan

        The rom is already running (nexushd2gingerbread.) After a few weeks installing it suddenly it freezes when I try to
        Unlock it from sleep mode it won’t slide to open …I try also flashing the leo rom but its still the same it freeze. I also try to remove the battery and put it back but nothing happens….I’m confused now I cannot use my phone

        • Hi Dylan, do you mean that you can’t even power on your phone now?

  • dylan

    hi jayce i can power(switch on) my cp but after i cannot unlock my phone when my cp is in sleep mode…and one more thing jayce there is no g-sensor calibiration on the settings of nexushd2gingerbread…what shall i do??do you think if i flashed the original rom(stock) of my hd2 it will fix the freezing problem????

    • Can’t do much on G-sensor calibration on NexusHD2. You can try HTC Sense Android ROM that supports it.

      You can try to restore back to Windows Mobile since you can’t do much with your phone now.

  • dylan

    hi jayce its me again i already found the main problem of my hd2 its the g-sensor freezing after i installed the nexushd2 gingerbread nand android 3weeks ago….i hope you can help me to fix this thing….until now it is still freeze 🙁

    • Hi dylan, try restore back to Windows Mobile then.

  • garry

    Hey jayce… links r not working. Where
    can I download this for 250 MB partition, ….thanx

    • Download links are working fine from here. Which browser are you using?

  • Varg

    By the way links are not working in opera browser. Use chrome instead

  • Ian

    can i also use the 400mb partition on my htc hd2?

  • tarun

    i new to install android i try to install android on htc hd2 i insatll everythin but now when i trying to on the phone it shows booting android from nand
    android load at 118000000
    yaffs2 part is/boot
    load z image
    load intrid.gz
    after some seconds its auto restart and restart and restart
    please help me to solve this issue
    i will be highly thankful to you

    • Hi tarun, which Android ROM did you install?

  • tarun


    • Sorry tarun, never try this ROM. Maybe ROM chef can help you. Or try the ROM that I tested here.

  • tarun

    can i format htc hd2 and reinstall android

    • Can. Just factory reset in CWM. Then install new Android ROM.

  • tarun

    when i switch on my htc hd2 phone it shows t-mobile logo stick together how can i remove this

    • Sorry, I have no idea on removing this logo.

  • octavio

    Hi Jayce Ooi,

    My HTC HD2 cannot access recovery mode. So when I go to AD Recovery and press the green button I get the message in red saying Error, Error Cannot read ramdisk image. Help me on how to fix this problem.


    • Hi octavio, NAND memory might be faulty. You can try to reinstall CWM see.

  • Hello Admin, i have trouble for installing CWM htc hd2 , if i connect to pc with usb flasher on MAG, next i run DAF.exe but not work , and say cannot connect pc

    • Do you have Windows Mobile Device Center installed on Windows Vista / Windows 7 or ActiveSync installed on Windows XP?