Download CSC Changer for Samsung Galaxy Devices

Want to change CSC on your Samsung Galaxy S III and Samsung Galaxy Note II? You still can use the old method ~ type *#272*Device IMEI# at Phone dial pad on older Samsung Galaxy S3 firmware. However, latest firmware (like XXELLA) disabled this shortcut. And this method totally won’t work on Samsung Galaxy Note 2. How to change CSC then? No worry, CSC Changer application comes to rescue. Thanks to XDA Developer, bassie1995. However, root access is required.

Note – Changing CSC will factory reset your phone. Everything will be deleted. Do backup before perform this task.

CSC Changer for Samsung Galaxy Devices

Download CSC Changer here.

  • ligu

    Just wondering. what is the benefit of changing CSC?

  • IvanC

    Hi Jayce,

    Downloaded the zip file but couldn’t install from recovery. I then went over to xda and downloaded via QR code but the app have limited choices and XME is not in the list.

    Any idea? Am now using Android HD ROM V.18

    • It is apk. Unzip it first. And your are using Europe firmware now which does not have XME CSC. This is normal.

      • IvanC

        OIC…Thx. Now I understand

  • Luann

    Have brand-new Samsung Galaxy Note 2, nothing on it yet, haven’t even activated it yet. Should I download CSC changer before putting anything on it? Does it void the warranty? Thanks so much!

    • Hi Luann, why do you want to change CSC in the first place?

  • cucimata

    I need change my note 2 CSC. My phone come from Afghanistan so I need to change my csc to XME = Malaysia. If I change the csc I can update firmware on Kies and OTA to get new jellybean 4.1.2 from malaysia? What the effect if I change the csc?

  • tomy

    Hi jayce
    I want to change my device status from modified to normal to be able to get new updated by OTA, please can you help me with that ? I will be so appreciate to you. Also does the CSC changer will can do that if i download it ?
    Many thanks

    • Hi tomy, which device are you taking about?

  • tomy

    Hi jayce
    I want to change the device status in samsung galaxy S3 from modified to normal to be able to get updates by OTA

  • RarL

    Is Samsung SIII mini compatible to all firmware spec of SIII? Do you think it is worth of money to spend SIII mini instead of SIII?

    • No. It is up to own personal taste.

  • Nashi

    Hi Jayce!
    I have a SGN2 but my CSC is Portugal ver, i want to change it to Australian ver [ordered phone online and it came as portugal ver] . Is there another option apart from root access to change CSC on SGN2?

    If you can run me through the steps it’d be great!



  • Dave D

    I updated my S3 with this file: GT-I8190-DBT-I8190XXAMB3
    But now my CSC is unknow, also is the phone no longer supported by KIES.
    CSC changer is not working.
    Any solution for this? Is there any dowside by having an unknown CSC?

    thanks in advance

    • Install back your previous firmware. You can’t use Samsung Kies, that’s all.

      • Dave D

        I suppose you mean I install the original firmware? Haven’t found it anywhere on the Internet.

        • Hi Dave, try to find it at SamMobile.

  • Joyce Alex

    Hi Jayce
    I have an Samsung Galaxy Note 2 bought from a telefone operator called A1, and so I have a sim lock (i cant use any other sim card except from A1)

    Now my question would be how can I unlock this?

    I have already flashed my device with an other stock firmware without an carrier but it didnt help πŸ™

      • Joyce Alex

        I wanted to do this but my mobile in service mode looks different
        The first choice for me is debug screen (just like the photo of your answer) and when choose Debug screen –> phone smt. –> Network lock my handy says that the menue doesnt exists

        And i dont understant it. I already tried it on the 4.1.2 and 4.1.1 version, but both are the same πŸ™

        • Sorry Joyce, look like your firmware does not support this method. Try to find other unlock method.

          • Joyce Alex

            Can you show me a firmware which support this method?
            maybe on sammoblie

            • I wish that I can. But no idea as mine is unlocked version. Try to consult others at XDA Forum.

  • H J S

    1-i have galaxy s2 GT I9100 .i changed csc code to XXS but i don’t remember the original csc code of my phone.. I want to update my phone but it say no update. i downloaded a jelly bean software with odin that have csc FOD on pc but i am not sure if it will work properly on my phone!!

    2- if i changed csc code, pda code will change ?

    10x a lot πŸ™‚

    • 1. You should be able to install any I9100 firmware.
      2. No.

      • H J S

        10x for reply πŸ™‚
        1- If i do a factory reset for my phone, CSC code will reurn to the original one ? or it will stay on XSS ( XSS not XXS sorry)? because i want the original CSC and i don’t remember it :S

        2- what you advice me to do to update my phone ?

        • 1. No. Factory reset won’t change CSC.
          2. Install firmware with Odin.

          • H J S

            10x a lot
            I connected my phone to computer and open Samsung kies it say your device is not supported
            it is possible that is because of changing CSC ?
            – what is XSS code mean which country and 10x a lot plz reply … πŸ™‚

            • Yes, maybe.
              XSS = United Arab Emirat.

              • H J S

                ok 10x a lot. till now I have any update for my phone. my phone android version is 2.3.5 it is too old. I contact Samsung company for this problem but they said to update via kies, but it is not working for me :(.
                So I installed I9100XWLS8_I9100FOPLS3_FOP, which is jelly bean 4.1.2, firmware on my pc with odin. FOD mean Spain I think, But I am from Lebanon (Middle east). If I flash it for my phone it will work properly?

                2- If I am from Lebanon which CSC code do I use ? 10x a lot again

                • 1. Should work.
                  2. It will follow the CSC on the firmware that you installed.

                  • H J S

                    10x a lot now because of you now I am sure what I am doing. but one final question if I installed this firmware and didn’t work properly there is any method to return back my previous software, another that installing the 2.3.5 and flash it again ?

                    2-if I do a factory reset it can return me to 2.3.5 android or it only erase content?

                    • 1. Install back previous firmware with Odin.
                      2. No, it just delete all contents.

  • Rais


    I already install the this csc apk..I want to change to malaysia ver, XME
    but there is not xme for me to select.. It show i have choose CYO..So how to change CYO to XME if there is no selection for XME…tq in advanced

  • SAWAn

    XSS-XSG-WAN-TUN-THR-PAK-OTU-MWD-MMC-MID-MED-MAT-LEV-KSA-JED-EGY-BTC-AFG-ABS I have all these choices but I don’t know which one have the latest update or jelly bean 4.1.2 or latest
    which one do you advice me to choose ?

    • SAWAn

      my phone is galaxy s2 gt i9100

      • Most region SGS2 is getting Android 4.1.2 now. Yours should come soon too.

        • SAWAn

          yes, I know but if I changed the csc to the region which has the update I will get the update too ?
          2- you know any information on when I will get the update ?
          pda i9100jpkj2 phone i9100xxki4 csc i9100Ojpkj1 (XSS)

          • Personally, I don’t recommend to change it because you might not able to change it back.
            Samsung Support should able to provide the answer. πŸ˜‰

            • SAWAn

              ok 10x:) I sent an email for them I am waiting for the answer πŸ™‚

              • SAWAn

                samsung kies : your current device version in not supported to update via kies I want to solve the problem
                I think the problem is caused by changing CSC code how to solve it
                I am from Lebanon which CSC code should I choose ?

                • Change it back to the working one.

                  • SAWAn

                    I don’t remember the first one πŸ™

                    • SAWAn

                      reading on the net some information.A person has the same kernel code and the same PDA and phone code
                      the same basband and software version. and have the CSC code XEF which is France code, he hadn’t root his phone before. It is possible that my old CSC was XEF like him?

  • Yes SAWAn, it is possible.

  • denzross

    will this work with galaxy s2 ?

    • Yes, denzross.

      • denzross

        thanks! goin to give it a go later πŸ™‚

  • Diva

    Bought my phone from TIGO PARAGUAY… moved to USA and changed to AT&T so unlocked and rooted it… freezing started after rooting it so I unrooted it but as I was not able to find a TIGO PARAGUAY ROM I installed the ORANGE FRANCE one… now it seems that my firmware and csc does not match… (not sure) and I’ve tried the CSC changer but only got FTM option and it says MUST BE THREE CHARTS
    my phone looks like this:
    AP: N7100XXDMF1
    i would really love to find a way to get SOFTWARES UPDATES FOR US REGION but cannot figure out how to do it still… also.. my phone is rooted again cause i cant stand the built in apps that came with the Orange ROM
    If you have any solution i would really apreciate the help. thanks!

  • Anchovy lay

    AP : I9300XXUFME7
    CP: I9300XXUFME7
    CSC: I9300OXAFME7

    it is ok with my phone ..GT_I9300 4.2.2
    Can i change this method..????

    • Yes, as long as your firmware has multi CSC.

  • Gelo

    Hi Jayce,

    Does it work on Samsung Galaxy S4?

    • Gelo

      By the way I’m using the i9505 LTE version GLB

      • It should work, Gelo.

        • Gelo

          Thank you Jayce Ooi. I already downloaded the .apk and waiting for your reply. Thanks again.

  • Melvin

    Hey Jayce,

    Do you think this will help me improve network signal if I’m using international version and select specific CSC for US?


    • Maybe, Melvin. You need to try out to find out.

  • benson

    y my csc only have BRI and TGY only i need change to XME, now i cant use mobile data

    • Is your firmware based on Malaysia?

      • benson

        now based on HK i need vhg back to Malaysia but cant get XME firmware.

        • You need to install Malaysia firmware with Odin then.

  • Jennie

    Hello there, I have a Sony e4g and I tried the *#272*IMEI# but it is not working saying “unknown application” Do you know what I should do ? Many thanks

    • Sorry Jennie, I have no idea. This is for Samsung devices only.

  • anil

    i have galaxy a3 2016 i try this process but its not working… can u help me plzz…

    • Samsung might disable this method on new firmware nowadays. Why do you need it?

  • arneil eucogcan

    hello sir jayce ask ku lang ginamit ku xme sa pa free con fig.ku sa csc panu ko ba maibalik sa dati kasi na lock lahat sa globe j5 2016 gamit ku salamat